Drinking rum coffee in Havana
Enjoying the sunset on Anjuna Beach in Goa
Walking below “display windows” in Amsterdam
Being held up from behind in Istanbul

Searching for anthologies of Allen Ginsberg in San Francisco

Like a soundtrack playing in the background, 

bringing out the perfection in everyday moments…….

Whatever the scene or situation your clothes become one with you. 

Little by little they become truly yours and help tell your story.

We aspire to creation based on a global vision, 

of the natural world and the urban world, 

of Asia and Europe, of life on the road and life at home.

Preparing for a better world,
a world without exploitation, with respect and concern for human rights, 

we will not conform to the prevailing unethical practices of the apparel industry. 

We will move forward with respect for nature and the things we have in common,
toward a freer, more vivid creativity inspired by the handicrafts of the world